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    Outdoor LED advertising screens bring more commercial value to corporate brand advertising.

Outdoor LED Screens

OF Series

    REISSDISPLAY Outdoor LED Screens uses large – scale commercial Outdoor Advertising LED Screens and wide highway LED Billboards. 

    The development of business and technology is getting faster and faster. Brand advertising is also growing rapidly. 

    Permanently installed in places with high mobility, bringing certain value to commercial advertisements.

    High – brightness 3D Outdoor LED Displays, IP 65 waterproof and energy — saving , they are the perfect solution for outdoor led displays.

      Use LED Video Wall controllers, video processors, or use cloud servers to remotely control video content. 

      Or connect to a PC and a player to control the LED advertising Screen to display any advertisements, videos, and pictures. Customized LED Display Screen.

Customized outdoor advertising LED video displays

      Outdoor LED billboard technology continues to develop, with a wider range of applications and higher commercial value. REISSDISPLAY continues to develop the latest products and can provide more high-quality outdoor LED displays to meet customer needs.

   Outdoor display products have higher requirements for production technology and quality control. Because the display screen uses longer advertising time. The life expectancy of the lamp beads is higher, and the problem of chip aging is less.

     Every piece of Outdoor advertising LED display produced by our R & D team has been tested for a long time. Ensure the reliability of product quality.

     Due to the high cost of installation and maintenance of the display screen, low – fault products can save customers more trouble.

Most commonly used Led display screens have a different cabinet.

       Semi – waterproof  LED Screen cabinet : Application of large-scale commercial advertising outdoor LED video wall and highway outdoor advertising solutions..

      Front service LED display and rental LED display cabinet: generally used for installation on the wall. Suitable for small and medium-sized LED display solutions.

      Fully waterproof LED Screen cabinet: suitable for small and medium – sized billboards, lower installation cost, simpler frame design and production. 

 Die-cast aluminum full waterproof cabinet: simpler installation, lighter weight, suitable for use in high-end commercial advertising places.

Fully waterproof RF-series

Fully waterproof LED display cabinet pixel pitch 3/4/5/6/8/10mm, etc.

Semi-waterproof RS-series

Outdoor semi-waterproof LED display simple iron cabinet pixel pitch 3/4/5/6/8/10mm

Die-cast aluminum RD-series

960x960mm die-cast aluminum cabinet pixel pitch 4/5/6/6.7/8/10 mm

Curved screen RC-series

3D effect outdoor architectural commercial digital billboard 5/6/8/10mm

90° corner screen RC-series

90 degree seamless corner, pixel pitch 3/4/5/6/8/10mm

Double sided RDS-series

960x960mm die-cast aluminum cabinet pixel pitch 4/5/6/6.7/8/10 mm

Light pole RLP-series

Semi - Waterproof Outdoor LED Screen Wall Panel

OF667 Series

P6.67 Outdoor Front / back Maintenance LED Displays 960 × 960 mm

OF781 Series

7.81 mm pixel pitch P7.81 Outdoor SMD LED Displays 1000 × 1000 mm

Outdoor LED Display Solution

      Outdoor LED Screen or LED advertising Screen are extremely well designed uneven, reliable, and environmentally friendly products.

      REISSDISPLAY is rated as a billboard that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The perfect solution for facility decks, parks, building installation displays and outdoor retail spaces.

     They come in a comprehensive range and variety of sizes. Outdoor LED display and  Advertising LED Screens also include features such as temperature display and clock. They are manufactured from superior quality, the raw material that can really enhance the durability of products.

  REISSDISPLAY outdoor advertising LED display is hundreds of meters away, and the video effect is also very good. It uses high – brightness, high-quality chips, and the advertising content can be clearly displayed under strong sunlight. In addition, the outdoor advertising screen systems has been very mature. 

   There is a stable intelligent system that supports remote control system. The operation is more convenient, and the video content of the LED display can be changed anytime and anywhere.

     Let the Outdoor LED Displays installed on the highway have commercial advertising value.

Giant 3D Hologram Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor Large LED Advertising Board

Hotel Outdoor LED Display Panel

Roadside LED Digital Billboards

Outdoor Large LED Advertising Board

School Outdoor LED DIsplay

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen installation and design solutions

     REISSDISPLAY has extensive experience in the large – scale commercial outdoor LED billboard industry. From LED module circuit board research and development and production process quality stability control.

     Outdoor LED Module quality is the core of the entire project. Outdoor SMD LED Display module chips, plastic silicon, soldering technology, high or low temperature and other tests are all important. Quality control is the confidence of customers in long – term cooperation with us.

     REISSDISPLAY has R & D and production LED display and team. The stability of the circuit board provides a better guarantee for LED display products. 

     Able to provide a variety of different design solutions according to customer requirements.Outdoor LED Displays engineering architecture design team

  We have professional architecture design engineers to provide overall architecture design solutions for outdoor advertising screen projects. 

 Engineers based on the installation location of the Outdoor LED display. Choose different schemes and design the overall banner design of the frame structure.

    From construction to installation and software debugging, to ensure the smooth completion of the LED advertising screen project. We have many cases of long-term business partners

    REISSDISPLAY can provide you with the most professional services. We have a professional level and rich experience.

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