As a  leading LED Display supplier in China,  Reissdisplay produces high – quality, customized and durable LED Screens for you. In addition to permanent installation and rental / customized products, we also provide a solution – based approach to serve customers worldwide. Let us design a reliable LED Video walls system according to your industry and specific needs. Our factory has professional designers, architects and engineers who can provide well –  designed designs for your most innovative LED projects. Our process starts with your vision. When creating the most professional design for your space, Reissdisplay provides industry – leading LED display technology and solutions that can transform your space into an outstanding digital world.



24 / 7 Support

Professional overseas Sales Team & Technical Engineer will give you the best solution and support. We commit to provide industry leading 24 / 7 service.

High Quality

   Quality Control

By using high quality components, Reissdisplay provides top quality product.  We have a variety of LED video wall that can help customize various screens to fit your specific needs. Our displays are seamless and provide clear and detailed images. We provide innovative solutions and technology for indoor, outdoor and flexible and creative LED displays. 


Provide global solutions

We are proud to provide customized LED solutions for global customers. Our specialty is to work with architects, designers, engineers and consultants to integrate LED screens with the environment. Engaging customers in your business is essential to creating unique and memorable experiences. Let our team help you come up with a solution.

Professional LED Display Solutions for Any Application

Reissdisplay’s products represent top – notch image performance with solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each application. 
Built for the most demanding environments and to customer’s exacting standards, Reissdisplay led screen manufacturer provides unparalleled performance, durability, and value across our wide range of products. We specialize in LED solutions for Outdoor LED Display,Indoor LED display, Fine Pitch LED Display, Commercial LED Displays, Rental LED Display, Stadium LED Displays, Irregular Shaped LED Screen and Transparent LED Screens
Our products are developed and designed for their specific application, ensuring you impressive quality, innovative functionalities and safe and reliable operation.

Pixel Pitch ( mm ) : 0.9
Pixel Pitch ( mm ) : 1.2
Pixel Pitch ( mm ) : 1.5
Pixel Pitch ( mm ) : 1.667

hotel lobby IF10 120SQM

Australia-Melbourne Project

Indoor ultra-high definition IR10 200 Sqm

Los Angeles Project

Conference hall ultra HD IF15 24 Sqm

Japan-Tokyo Project

Large-scale performance venue IR25 350Sqm

UK-London Project

Large-scale stage event IR39 180Sqm

Germany-Madrid Project

Outdoor ultra-high definition OR10 1000 Sqm

Nashville Project

Large stadium LED display IR10 1800Sqm

Italy-Rome Project

Large outdoor advertising 240Sqm

Germany-Munich Project

Outdoor large advertising screen OF10 690Sqm

US-New York Project

Road advertising screen OF8 45Sqm

Canada-Toronto Project