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REISSDISPLAY is not just a leading LED display manufacturer, but also your trusted provider of professional LED display solutions. We offer top-of-the-line LED displays and a wide range of display cases to cater to diverse customer needs. Our services encompass everything from well-designed urban towers for municipalities to large outdoor advertising billboards, and from high-resolution LED screens to displays for fashion stores.


Our LED display screens cover various categories, including indoor displays, outdoor advertising displays, stage displays, sports screen panels, stadium perimeter displays, event screens, flexible displays, and an array of creative panels like balls, cubes, hexahedrons, cylinders, and more. Additionally, we provide TV station displays, government walls, subway screens, taxi video displays, dance floor displays, and energy-efficient video walls.


Whatever your specific requirements may be, we are here to provide tailored LED display solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to elevate your visual experience and transform your display needs.

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OR series


OR Series includes Outdoor LED signs and screens which are permanent outdoor installations with high brightness, IP65 water-proofing, and energy-saving options. These screens are perfect solutions for outdoor digital advertising. 


Thanks to their user-friendly LED controller and video processor, it is easy to connect them to a PC or player for control, and to display any advertisements, videos, or pictures.


Outdoor LED screens can be used in a variety of settings, such as on buildings, factories, stadiums, restaurants, public streets, and for other promotional uses. To learn more about outdoor LED screens, visit the Reiss Display website at

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IR series


IR series is an indoor LED display screen with a long lifespan, excellent white balance, amazing color uniformity, the ultimate refresh rate (1,920Hz – 3,840Hz), high grayscale (13 bits – 24 bits), and high-color contrast ratio. 


It features a standardized professional display, a user-friendly experience, an integrated design, and multiple applications. It is an all-in-one solution for shopping malls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, churches, stadiums, and more. Check out the website at

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RS series


RS offers a variety of stage LED screens that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, with sizes ranging from several square meters to thousands of square meters. Excellent image performance will provide viewers with an amazing experience.


 Rental LED screens, which have high-quality video displays and are easy to assemble and disassemble, have become the most popular background rendering products for stages, wedding scenes, and hotel training. Click the link to learn more about our rental LED displays at

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FP series


FP series is specially designed for a wide range of indoor applications, creating the ultimate meeting experience. Featuring a standardized professional display, a user-friendly experience, integrated design, and multiple applications, it is an all-in-one solution for meeting rooms, multi-function halls, exhibition halls, and more.

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IC series


LED screens from Reiss Display can provide a wide range of commercial LED displays for advertising screen importers. 

Commercial LED screens can be used in all types of indoor and outdoor spaces where advertisements need to be displayed. Investing in commercial LED screens for areas with high traffic can result in considerable returns on investment. Visit the Reiss Display website to learn more about their commercial LED screens.


OR series


OR series consists of Outdoor LED signs and outdoor LED screens. They are permanent outdoor installations with high brightness, IP65 waterproofing, and energy-saving options. These features make them perfect for outdoor digital advertising.

Thanks to the user-friendly LED controller and video processor, it is easy to connect them to a PC or player for controlling and displaying any advertisements, videos or pictures.

Outdoor LED screens can be used in various settings such as building, factory, stadium, restaurant, publicity, and street. To find out more, you can check their website at where they offer outdoor LED screens.

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TR series


TR series is a transparent LED display. Whether you need to create a custom transparent LED display or a portable transparent LED poster screen, we can provide a display solution for your installation. We offer indoor and outdoor transparent LED displays as options, featuring flat (glass LED display), curved, or cylindrical transparent LED units. With unique versatility, our systems can be integrated to create cost-effective transparent LED displays, providing powerful information for your customers.

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LR series


LRREGULAR LED DISPLAYS is to help more customers achieve customized LED displays to stay competitive in the market. They offer a range of displays such as flexible LED screens, logo LED screens, sphere LED screens, and triangle LED screens. 


LRREGULAR LED DISPLAYS experienced R&D department always strives to make customers’ dreams a reality by incorporating creativity in their LED screens. Interested customers can visit their website at or click on the provided links to find more information about their products.