Transparent LED Displays

TR series

Reissdisplay is a 70 % to 85 % transparent LED display that can be placed on glass windows without sacrificing the natural light in your space. The ultra-thin design and high brightness are perfect for videos in direct sunlight, while enabling you to create dynamic experiences for customers before they enter your place to watch ads. Reissdisplay is very suitable for any retail, hotel, shopping mall or commercial application.

Reiss TR series is Transparent LED Displays :Whether you need to create a custom Transparent LED display or need a portable transparent led poster Screen , Transparent LED can provide a display solution for your installation.Transparent LED displays offer indoor and outdoor use options and can be supplied as flat ( Glass LED Display ), curved or cylindrical transparent LED units. With unique versatility, our systems can be integrated to create cost-effective, transparent LED displays that provide your customers with powerful information.Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer

Transparent LED Display (mm): 3.91

Transparent screen in exhibition hall

Transparent LED Display (mm): 4.81

Shop transparent screens

Reiss TR481 LED

Transparent LED Display (mm): 7.81

Building transparent screens

Reiss TF781 LED

Transparent LED Display (mm): 10

Grid transparent screens

Reiss TF100 LED