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LED video wall are used for indoor displays and large stage walls. They have a high refresh rate, low power consumption, and support synchronous and asynchronous control cards. They can play any video format, have a bright and clear image with no bright spots or decay, good quality, and long life. High-resolution indoor and outdoor full-color LED wall rentals have stable performance, good flatness, and seamless splicing. They use high-quality SMD components and stable LED lamp bead chips, ensuring a long service life.

LED Video Wall Supplier & Manufacturer

REISSDISPLAY LED DISPLAYS is a leading company dedicated to the design, development, and production of high-quality LED display solutions.

All of our dynamically LED Video Wall have passed CE and RoHS certifications, ensuring high performance and long lifespan. We provide customized solutions, OEM, and ODM services. Wholesalers, distributors, traders, and agents are welcome to bulk purchase with us.

Catalog of LED Video wall

What is an LED Video wall?

LED Video wall uses efficient diodes to produce high-quality video and images with vivid colors and brightness. They're used for digital advertising, public displays, concerts, and sporting events. It's cutting-edge technology ideal for those looking to elevate their visual displays, holds massive potential for innovative applications, and is rapidly expanding.



2K 4K 8K LED Video WALL

ReissDisplay IF series is an LED Video wall composed of multiple 16:9 LED panel cabinets. The resolution can reach 2K/4K 8K without any splicing gaps. The biggest feature that differentiates it from 4K LCD screens is that there is no size limit. The colors are more natural which brings the content to life.

LED Wall Products Series

Our company provides customizable Indoor LED Video wall that offer High Brightness and Design Versatility. We would like to encourage you to carefully assess each product's specifications to determine the best fit for your specific needs. Our team of experts is readily available to provide any assistance you may require during this process. Thank you for taking the time to consider our products, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

640x480B LED Video wall

IF25 Series

Fix installation, wall mounted, magnetic front installations, customized structure Led Screen
c40 e1632650732277 LED Video wall

IF30 Series

3mm pixel pitch SMD indoor stage background fixed large LED display
C23 e1632651054303 LED Video wall

IF40 Series

4mm pixel pitch video wall display shows a bright and attractive LED video Wall

LED Wall Come in a Variety of Pixel Pitch

LED Video Wall come in various pixel pitches for different viewing distances and application requirements. Choices include Fine Pixel Pitch (below 2mm), Standard Pixel Pitch (2mm to 4mm), Medium Pixel Pitch (4mm to 10mm), and Coarse Pixel Pitch (above 10mm). Fine Pitch displays are for close-up viewing, Standard for retail and conference rooms, Medium for moderate image clarity at moderate viewing distances, and Coarse for affordable displays viewed from a distance. Choosing the right pixel pitch is essential and should consider factors such as budget and content. Experienced LED providers can advise on the best option for your project.

Pixel Pitch: 0.9 mm
Module Size: 150 x 168.75 mm
Resolution: 166 x 187 pixels
Brightness: ≦ 800cd
Max Current: ≤4 A
Pixel Density: 1234567 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz

Pixel Pitch: 1.25 mm
Module Size: 300 x168.75 mm
Resolution: 240 x135 pixels
LED: SMD1010
Brightness: ≥450 nits
Max Current: ≤5 A
Pixel Density: 640000 pixels / m2
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz

Pixel Pitch: 1.53 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 208*104 dots
LED: SMD1515
Brightness: ≥550 nits
Max Current: ≤5 A
Pixel Density: 427716 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz
Port: HUB75E

Pixel Pitch: 2 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 160*80 dots
LED: SMD1515
Brightness: ≥600 nits
Max Current: ≤5 A
Pixel Density: 250000 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz
Port: HUB75E

Pixel Pitch: 2.5 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 128*64 dots
LED: SMD1515
Brightness: ≥800 nits
Max Current: ≤5.2 A
Pixel Density: 160000 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥1920 Hz
Port: HUB75E

Pixel Pitch: 3.0 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 104*52 dots
LED: SMD2020
Brightness: ≥800 nits
Max Current: ≤4.7 A
Pixel Density: 105625 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz
Port: HUB75E

Pixel Pitch: 4 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 80*40 dots
LED: SMD2020
Brightness: ≥800 nits
Max Current: ≤4.7 A
Pixel Density: 62500 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥1920 Hz
Port: HUB75E

Super high resolution: 40,000 pixel/sq.m.
High color uniformity.
High reliability. MTBF 10,000 hours. Up to 100,000 hours lifetime.
High contrast ratio.Up to 5000:1
Shorter lead time. Usually less than 15 working days.
High brightness. 1,500 nits.
Black LEDs.

Super high resolution: 27,777 pixel/sq.m.
High color uniformity.
High reliability. MTBF 10,000 hours. Up to 100,000 hours lifetime.
High contrast ratio.Up to 5000:1
Shorter lead time. Usually less than 15 working days.
High brightness. 1500 nits.
Black LEDs.

04 2 LED Video wall

Ordinary Module

02 2 LED Video wall
03 2 LED Video wall

Three anti-paint

Moisture-proof, Anti-oxidation, Dustproof


Convenient installation can also prevent row needles from getting wrecked during the transportation process.


“More stable and convenient, fast and rational design, durable and more user-friendly.”

What are the main components of LED Video wall modules?

LED module circuit design: Utilizing higher-end ICs and components, our leading circuit design produces more vivid colors, improved refresh rate, and reduced grayscale effect. 

The low power consumption and long lifespan also enhance product stability. The Lamp chip happens to be a core part of the LED display, and its requirements should meet international standards while meeting the quality requirements of brand suppliers.

 Our factory uses high-end chips to satisfy this requirement. Cabinet design: High-precision die-cast aluminum cabinets are used, simplifying installation and enhancing the flatness of an LED display wall – resulting in a perfect visual effect. System and power supply: Our product uses dual power supply and dual system backup to ensure that there is no failure during long-term use.

How to choose an indoor 4K or high-definition LED Video Wall ?

Choosing the right indoor LED display can be tough with many resolutions available like 4K and high definition. Consider factors like screen size, pixel pitch, resolution, and refresh rate to make an informed decision. Factors like pixel density and refresh rate affect image quality and user experience. Application environment, lighting, and viewing distance are also important. Compare prices and services before buying. Keep all factors in mind when selecting the best indoor 4K or high-definition LED display for a seamless viewing experience.

What Equipment Do We Need for Running a 4k LED Video Wall?

Here are multiple installation methods for you to choose from based on your specific situations:

equipment LED Video wall

4K Control Box:The 4K control box connects the computer and the screen. It receives the signal from the PC and then transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED Video Wall system.

4K Computer:A 4K computer is necessary. The regular 2K computer is not able to drive 4k graphics or videos. If we use a 2K computer to run the 4K LED system, the computer will collapse from time to time.

4K Video Processor:
A 4K video processor is also needed. The 4K video processor supports different kinds of signal inputs, such as HDMI, DP, etc. Meanwhile, it also has other video functions such as fade-in and fade-out, mosaic, picture in picture, etc.

Our company is pleased to offer a high-quality indoor fine pitch LED cabinet, featuring exceptional surface flatness for optimal display performance. Additionally, our cabinet boasts a front service design, ensuring hassle-free installation and maintenance. We are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line products and exceptional customer service to meet all of your LED display needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this product or any of our other offerings.

LED Video Wall 22 LED Video wall

REISSDISPLAY LED Video Wall provides the best solution for indoor commercial LED display and wall-mounted indoor displays. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, LED wall rental installations are moving towards simplification. Front-service LED displays can be easily installed and removed from the front for convenient maintenance. For outdoor LED displays, please visit reissdisplay.com/outdoor-led-displays/.

LED Video Wall 26 LED Video wall
LED Video Wall 25 LED Video wall
FP REISS LED DISPLAY 1 e1612520936899 LED Video wall

LED Video Wall  are becoming popular due to their efficiency, adaptability, and eye-catching visuals. They are used in various sectors like commercial, educational, recreational, healthcare, corporate offices, and public places. These displays serve the purposes of advertising, wayfinding, information sharing, and amusement. Advancements in LED technology have made displays more luminous, flexible, and energy-saving. Scientific analysis is needed to understand the effectiveness, potential, and limitations of indoor LED displays in various applications and guide future developments in the industry.

Specification Download

LED Video Wall specs explained: pixel pitch is the distance between pixels (smaller is better). Module size and resolution vary by model. Brightness, viewing angle, refresh rate, color reproduction, and contrast ratio impact image quality. Use this guide to make an informed decision.

Specification Name




LED Display Product Testing

All of Our Rental LED displays undergo a series of rigorous testing in our laboratory equipment before they are mass-produced. This meticulous process guarantees high performance, stability, and longevity of the final product. Our commitment to quality assurance is paramount, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our LED displays meet the highest standards for our clients. Thank you for considering our products, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations with our LED displays.


SMD Machine

LED Module LED Video wall

Assembling Line

lm 291 LED Video wall

Glue Machine

F 07 1 LED Video wall

Cabinet Production Workshop

LM 15 LED Video wall

Finished Product

led display22 LED Video wall

LED Module Aging Test

Why Buy LED Wall From Us

REISSDISPLAY LED Display Professional Supplier Manufacturer offers advantages like quality and reliability, customization options, technical expertise, after-sales support, product innovation, proven track record, long-term partnerships and value for money. To make an informed decision, research the supplier's reputation, review their product portfolio, compare prices and specifications, and discuss your specific requirements with them.

Customer Service

We offer a complete customer experience: expert guidance, installation, ongoing support & maintenance; comprehensive warranty programs & flexible leasing options for small businesses.

dots LED Video wall

Quality Standards

We deliver top-quality products by using high-grade materials and maintaining strict quality standards. Our experts oversee the entire process, from LED plotting to installation, with great attention to detail to set new standards for electronic signs.

dots LED Video wall

Eco-Friendly Solutions

REISSDISPLAY is an eco-friendly business with accredited certifications like ISO9000-9001. Our products are energy-efficient and meet environmental safety standards.

dots LED Video wall

Strategic Alliances

We partner with reputable suppliers who share our passion for quality and innovation. Our extensive network provides affordable, high-quality components. This allows us to deliver cost-effective digital signage solutions to our customers.

dots LED Video wall

We Bring The Solutions

REISSDISPLAY provides personalized solutions to serve demanding and evolving industries. We provide a variety of indoor LED displays to provide you with solutions.

dots LED Video wall

FAQs For LED Video Wall

There are various models of SMD lamp beads (also known as SMD LEDs) that are commonly used in LED display applications. The specific model numbers may vary depending on the manufacturer and the generation of SMD technology. Here are some popular SMD models used in LED displays:

What are some common customization options available for LED Walls?

LED Wall can be customized to meet specific requirements and preferences. Options include pixel pitch, size, resolution, brightness, color, cabinet design, maintenance, and extra features. Displays can be built as single or multiple panels for unique shapes. Customization can also match overall aesthetics or specific installation requirements. Consider speaking with our factory to discuss and options.

What are some maintenance tips for managing temperature and heat on LED Video Wall?

Tips for maintaining the longevity and performance of LED Video Wall include proper ventilation, regular cleaning and dusting, monitoring ambient temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight, using climate control systems, maintaining a stable power supply, following manufacturer guidelines, and conducting regular visual inspections.

Can you provide more information on how Led video wall are used in retail environments?

LED vdieo Wall enhance the retail experience, attract customers, and promote products. These displays offer visually engaging medium for digital signage, advertising, branding, product promotion, navigation, digital menu boards, and entertainment. Retailers can use LED displays to strategically promote products, offers, and brand image, reaching the target audience and driving sales with eye-catching messages. Ultimately, indoor LED displays aim to deliver an immersive, personalized, and stimulating shopping experience, resulting in increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

What Is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor LED Display?

Learn the key differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays. Brightness level, pixel pitch, IP protection, and cost are crucial factors to consider. Indoor displays require a lower brightness level and finer pixel pitch, while outdoor displays need a higher brightness level, larger pixel pitch, and waterproof & dustproof protection. The cost varies based on size, resolution, and materials. Choose the most suitable LED display for your needs by considering these factors.

How to choose high-quality indoor LED display screens to reduce failure rates?

To choose the right indoor LED display, consider factors like resolution, brightness, viewing angle, and durability. Look for suppliers with a good reputation and quality materials. Professional installation and maintenance can extend its lifespan. By investing in a high-quality LED display, you can benefit from improved visibility, customer engagement, and increased revenue for your business.

How can indoor LED display screens be quickly installed to save labor costs?

Want efficient and cost-effective installation of indoor LED display screens? Contact us! Our skilled technicians have experience and can install LED screens of all sizes and configurations. We can design an optimal plan that suits your timeline and budget. We offer reliable solutions for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of LED display screens. Achieve your LED display goals and schedule a consultation with us today.