Reissdisplay fine pitch Led screen wall delivers true-to-life images and videos with high precision pixel pitches led screen wall, and brings a great viewing experience to the audience at a close viewing distance. 


    Indoor and Outdoor LED video wall is a high-definition, high-brush rate and high-gray solution. Have the richest and true picture.


    Use professional die-cast aluminum cabinet design. It has good flatness and guarantees perfect viewing angle.


    By providing extraordinary image quality with precise colors,  pixel pitche indoor and outdoor led video wall creates remarkable visual experiences that keep constant over time. 

%name Fine Pitch LED Displays

Fine - pitch pixel LED display solutions:

    LED module circuit design: using higher-end ICs and components, leading circuit design to make colors more vivid, high refresh rate and low grayscale effect are better, low power and long life, so that product stability is better.
    Lamp chip: chip requirements are the core part of the LED display. The factory uses high-end chips to meet the requirements of international standards and meet the quality requirements of brand suppliers.
    Cabinet design: high-precision die-cast aluminum cabinet, simpler installation, better flatness of the LED display wall, perfect visual effect.
    System and power supply: use dual power supply and dual system backup. Ensure that there will be no failure during long-term use.

FP0900 Series
p0.9 0.9mm pixel pitch Indoor Fixed Front Maintain led screen wall 640×480mm
FP1200 Series
1.25mm pixel pitch indoor led tv wall 400×300mm small video wall displays
FP1562 Series
p1.562 1.562mm pixel pitch indoor fixed front maintain led display
FP1677 Series
1.667mm pixel pitch Indoor led wall rental 400×300mm
FP1875 Series
p1.875 1.875mm pixel pitch Indoor Rental LED Screen 480×480mm
FP1900 Series
p1.9mm pixel pitch Indoor Full Color Plug-in connection Led Screen
FP1923 Series
p1.923 1.923mm pixel pitch Indoor Rental LED Screen 400×300mm
FP2000 Series
2mm pixel pitch Indoor high-end meetings LED Screen 512×512mm
FP2500 Series
p2.5mm pixel pitch Indoor LED video wall 1/32 Scan 640×640mm

Multiple Applications

Indoor Led Video Wall Solution

    Fine pitch Indoor LED Screen product has an ultra-thin, ultra-light structure, 2K 4K 8K and HDR display effects. The ultra thin led screen supports a variety of installation methods, such as hanging and stacking. The fine pitch LED Screen can build screens with various effects, such as flat or curved surfaces. REISS fine pitch LED display is the best choice for commercial retail, high – end conference, intelligent transportation and other commercial display applications.


    Everyday these amazing things happens all over the world…

%name Fine Pitch LED Displays

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