Flexible LED Screens

LR Series

    Flexible LED Screen, Low Power UHD P1.875mm; P2; P2.5mm Flexible Soft LED Display Panel:p3 Shaped Led Display .


    Led Display Irregular shaped Led Display 2021 UHD P1.875 P2 Energy-saving flexible bending Led Display Irregular shaped Led Screen.


    Reissdisplay LED goal is to help more customers achieve customized LED Screens to keep competitive on the market.


    We have Flexible LED Vdieo Wall, logo LED Display , sphere LED wall, triangle LED Displays, etc.


    Our experienced R&D department always make our customers ideal come true with our creative LED screen.

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Customize Curve Screen - Flexible LED Video walls

    Flexible LED Module can shape flexible LED Video Panel of different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display. According to the degree of bending and the pixel pitch divided into flexible LED module and super flexible LED module. LED sphere display.


    Flexible LED video walls, Soft LED module frontal service maintenacne design, any shapes LED display can be desighed. Magnet Connection, easy to install and disassemble.


    Available for various of screen shapes: With silicon rubber material, it can be bent, wrapped, draped, and folded into any shapes as you like, such as cylinder, arch, round shape, convex, concave etc., to create an amazing and unbelievable viewing effect.


   Cylinder LED screen, circular LED Display etc. Pixel pitch: 1.875mm-5mm

LR40 Series
A creative Flexible LED Panel Can be Bended
LR30 Series
Custom Round Shape LED Display Module
LR50 Series
3D Bar DJ Irregular LED Screen Panel
LR391 Series
Folded Square Curved LED Video Wall

Flexible HD LED Video Walls customized solution

    REISSDISPLAY professional design engineers and R&D engineers can produce and design according to the graphics or drawings provided by customers.

    REISSDISPLAY’s industry-leading LED Display Technology provides many solutions for brand business logos and creative LED display projects.