Indoor led screens


IF series

Reiss IF series  Suitable for indoor LED video wall modular full-color LED display.High-brightness, high-gray full-color surface-mounted Indoor LED display for large-format LED video displays.

long lifespan, excellent white balance, amazing color uniformity, ultimate refresh rate (1,920Hz-3,840Hz), high gray scale (13bits-24bits) & high color contrast ratio.

Featuring standardized professional display, user-friendly experience, integrated design and multiple applications, it’s an all-in-one solution for shopping mall, meeting room, exhibition hall, hotel, church, stadium, etc.

IF25 Series
Fix installation, wall mounted, magnetic front installations, customized structure
IF30 Series
3mm pixel pitch SMD indoor stage background fixed large LED display
IF40 Series
4mm pixel pitch video wall display shows a bright and attractive video
IF50 Series
The high-resolution LED video wall is the best and highly recommend. Most cost-effective solution for your retail signage needs.
IF60 Series
Steel or aluminum cabinet design, High bightness, indor fixed installation LED display, high flatness, excellent display effect
IF762 Series
Known for its 7.62mm pitch, silent operation and low power consumption, the ultra-thin indoor LED display is suitable for shopping malls, stages, etc
IF80 Series
8mm pixel pitch It’s easy to read monitoring display assures panels are operating at their peak performance
IF100 Series
P10 simple LED display screen 960*960mm, advanced assembly structure produces seamless display and visual effects, used in stations, etc.

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Indoor Led Video Wall Solution

Full range of indoor LED screens, LED displays, And with our new design, we are also making better new technology. LED wall, pixel pitch ranges from 2.5mm to 10mm with different sizes to match different kinds of applicaiton

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