IF series

Indoor LED displays are high-resolution displays with a high pixel pitch, high refresh rate, high brightness, and high gray full-color surface mounted indoor LED video wall displays.

Fixed installation pixel pitch indoor LED screens have a long lifespan, excellent white balance, amazing color uniformity, an ultimate refresh rate (1,920Hz-3,840Hz), high gray scale (13 bits-24 bits), and high color contrast ratio.

The display features standardized professional displays, user-friendly experiences, integrated design, and multiple applications, making it an all-in-one solution for shopping malls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, churches, stadiums, and other venues.

We designed a custom LED cabinet for the client.

Simple LED screen wall cabinets are a commonly used indoor fixed LED display solution. They are mainly schemes installed on walls to make the overall design of the LED display beautiful, easy to install and maintain.

Die-cast aluminum LED wall panel cabinets are suitable for high-end projects installed on walls. They are used for high-pitch pixels LED displays and high-definition solutions, with good flatness and light weight. They make the whole visual effect perfect. If you do not need to install the program on the wall, you can choose a rental LED display to complete.

Curved and irregular LED screen cabinets are mainly used for curved LED display screens and specially designed environments. They make the visual effect of the whole place more three-dimensional. Irregular solutions are used in different graphics and professional design scenarios for LED displays.

Recent Successful Examples

We offer an LED video wall display for indoor spaces.

Full range of indoor LED video walls and LED displays are available, and with our new design, we are also incorporating better technology. LED walls have a pixel pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 5mm, with various sizes to suit different applications.

Different LED display manufacturers have different product positioning. However, we believe that quality is the most crucial factor. Our LED display solution employs a low-scan and high-brightness mechanism, with brightness being above 900 cd/㎡.

Currently, many low-end products in the market have a brightness of less than 500 cd/㎡ which can cause the display content to be unclear under light.

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