LED Video Walls

Direct-view LED technology is becoming more and more important in many applications. In addition to the traditional indoor and outdoor LED TV wall markets (mainly related to entertainment business), LEDs are conquering new application areas. This includes control rooms, meeting rooms and digital signage. The high brightness, fine pixel pitch and excellent image quality of the LED display are the main factors for success. Build LED video walls that stop people in their tracks. Bright, reliable and perfectly suited to convey your message in any environment.

Custom-made solutions

Reissdisplay provides modular, configurable, and option-rich products to satisfy unique needs.  Build LED video walls of any size. Color match the LED display to your brand colors. Utilize mounting, processing, and professional services for the perfect installation.

Customized LED display solutions established company facilities for on-site production of outdoor LED Screens and LED Display Rental retail chapel higher education.

A wide range of products provide the right solution

From small format LED display signs to massive LED video walls and everything in between, Reissdisplay’s broad products provide the right solution for each application.  Video processing, media player solutions, and mounting accessories make Reissdisplay a one-source option for LED display solutions.

outdoor LED display

Why LED?

LED has many strong points that make the technology perfectly suited for use in critical environments, like control rooms. First of all, an LED video wall is completely seamless. In contrast to LCD displays, that typically have a bezel or gap between the individual tiles (creating a black raster inside the content), the image on an LED wall is never interrupted. This makes it possible to spread content over larger areas of the display canvas. Alphanumeric content is never interrupted and therefore always perfectly readable.

Furthermore, LED is a great choice for use in any environment. It is highly bright and can perform under daylight conditions, but using our LED processor it can also be dimmed without losing any of its brilliance.


LED video display technology is divided into several categories.

Indoor LED: economical and ultra-high – definition LED Screen, front-service LED module, transparent LED, etc.
Outdoor LED: high – resolution LED panels, LED billboards, independent LED displays, etc.
Each project is unique, and we are proud to provide customized LED solutions. 

We can propose a video wall solution based on your requirements, not on our portfolio. Contact us for advice!

Transparent LED Display (mm): 3.91

Transparent screen in exhibition hall

Transparent LED Display (mm): 4.81

Shop transparent screens

Reiss TR481 LED

Transparent LED Display (mm): 7.81

Building transparent screens

Reiss TF781 LED

Transparent LED Display (mm): 10

Grid transparent screens

Reiss TF100 LED

Dance Floor LED Screen (mm): 2.6

Dance floor LED screen in Party

Dance Floor LED Screen (mm): 3.9 1

Fashion Show Floor tile screens

Reiss LDF391 LED

Dance Floor LED Screen (mm): 4.81

Stage Floor Led screen

Reiss LDF481 LED

Dance Floor LED Screen (mm): 7.81

Interactive LED Floor Screen

Reiss LDF781 LED