RS series

Reiss RS offers a variety of Stage LED screen that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, ranging in size from several square meters to thousands of square meters.

A excellent image performance will bring an amazing experience for the viewer.

Rental LED displays has a high quality video display, easy assemble and disassembly to become the most popular background rendering products for stages, wedding scenes, and hotel training.

Application : led screen rentals / led screens / led video wall rentals / led video screen rental / background led displays


Indoor Rental LED Display

IR250 Series
P2.5 Indoor Front Maintain Rental Led display 640×480mm
IR300 Series
P3 Indoor Rental LED Screen Video Wall 576×576mm
IR400 Series
P4 Indoor Rental LED Screen 1/16 Scan 768×768mm
IR500 Series
P5 Indoor SMD3528 Rental LED Screen 960×960mm
IR600 Series
P6 Indoor Rental 1/8 Scan LED Screen 576×576mm
IR1000 Series
P10 Indoor Rental 1/4 Scan LED Screen 960×960mm
RSI260 Series
P2.6 Indoor Full Color Plug-in connection Led Screen 500×500mm
RSI297 Series
P2.97 Indoor Full Color Seamless Stitching Curve LED Screen 500×500mm
RSI391 Series
P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Screen 500×500mm Modular Design Of Box
RSI481 Series
P4.81 Lightweight Indoor Full Color Curve Led Screen 500×1000mm
RSI521 Series
P5.21 Indoor Rental LED Screen 500×1000mm Video Suitable for Stage
RSI625 Series
500×1000mm Indoor Rental LED Display Video Wall P6.25


Oudoor Rental LED Display

OR250 Series
640×640mm Outdoor Rental LED Screen P2.5
OR300 Series
P3 Outdoor Rental LED Display 576×576mm
OR400 Series
P4 Outdoor SMD LED Display 1024×768mm
OR500 Series
640×640mm Outdoor SMD 3 in 1 LED Display Video P5
OR571 Series
P5.71 Outdoor 1/7 Scan LED Wall Rental Screen 960×960mm
OR600 Series
P6 Rental LED Screen 768×768mm Outdoor Advertising Display
OR667 Series
P6.67 Outdoor Rental 1/6 Scan LED Screen 960×960mm
OR800 Series
P8 Outdoor Big Stage Background LED Screen 1024×768mm
OR1000 Series
P10 Outdoor LED 1/2 Scan 960×960mm Big Rental Movie Screens
RSO297 Series
P2.97 Outdoor LED Video Wall 500×500mm cabinet Rental Led Display Screens
RSO391 Series
P3.91 Outdoor LED Display 500×1000mm LED Video Wall Rental
RSO481 Series
P4.81 SMD Outdoor Module Front Maintain LED Display 500×1000mm
RSO595 Series
P5.95 Waterproof Outdoor Rental LED Screen Wall 500×1000mm
RSO781 Series
500×1000mm Outdoor Rental LED Curved Video Wall Advertising Screen P7.81
RO1600 Series
P16 Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen 1024×768mm

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