Stadium LED Display

ST series

Stadium LED displays are outdoor permanent installations that are perfect solutions for outdoor digital advertising. They are energy-saving and waterproof, making them ideal for any environment. The LED screen is widely used for various sports applications such as football, basketball, and stadium scoreboards. It has a unique structure that makes it ideal for these purposes.

Thanks to the user-friendly LED controller and video processor, it is easy to connect to a PC and player to control the LED screens and show any advertisements, videos, or pictures. Stadium LED scoreboards are highly interactive technology that presents the magic of images, movies, and player performances, etc. This technology is easy to use and has a mobile or remote control application.

Stadium LED screens are the latest innovation and revolution with a wide range of applications in the field of technology. LED screens are perfect for displaying sports scores, player names, profiles, a clock, text messages, and ads during a match.

%name Stadium LED Displays

Football Stadium Screens

    LED scoreboards are the norms in all the stadiums and in concerts. These devices are wireless and can cover a distance of almost one kilometer. They are also resistant to dust and moisture because they have a vinyl protective cover.. By using  Stadium LED displays, you can advertise your business products and services.

IST660 Series

Indoor Basketball Stadium Advertising LED Video Walls

OST800 Series

P8 Perimeter Led Displays And Perimeter Advertising

IST100 Series

P10 SMD Sport Field LED Screen 960 × 960 mm Video Wall

OST160 Series

Stadium LED Sport Field LED Screen 1024 × 1024 mm

OST500 Series

Portable and Easy Transport Large Stadium Advertising Screens

OST100 Series

P6 SMD Mobile Advertising Platform Truck LED Screen 960 × 960 mm

Waterproof Perimeter Stadium LED Displays Board

     Stadium LED Screens also called Perimeter LED display. Stable body protects the display from any damage, even high speed ball. Perimeter LED display is popular in sports event, which is effective to show continuous advertising messages on the LED displays across the entire perimeter.