What is the REISSDISPLAY development direction 2021?

Indoor led screens

In the Internet age, everything becomes possible. 5G technology widely commercialized has created a broader application scenario for LED display screens, and also put forward higher requirements for display technology. With the continuous innovation and development of LED display technology, what will be the development direction of LED display 2021? Reissdisplay has the following three major directions.

LED display Image quality 

With the application of 5G technology, Micro/Mini LED display technology is more mature, the advantages of LED color saturation and seamless splicing are more obvious. This type of display Screens will become more popular. Ordinary LED displays in hotels, conference venues, conventions, command centers, and smart cities will gradually be replaced by the ultra-high-definition display screens.

LED screen Appearance innovation

Reissdisplay’s LED display products are the best in the field of creative display, especially in some large-scale events and city-level display projects. The shape of the screen has changed from the initial diamond, fan, spherical and other “shapes” to the innovation of expression forms. There are glass screens, film screens, grid screens, floor tiles, interactive screens, curtain wall screens, transparent screens, curved screens, etc.

Convenient interaction LED display screen

With the widespread application of interaction technology modes, remote interaction, screen sharing and other functions are realized, driving the explosion of demand in home education, business conferences and other fields, bringing convenience to everyone’s life.

In the current global economic downturn, the LED display industry has successively experienced traditional model products represented by functions, and customers have increasingly strong individual demand for displays. For LED display manufacturers, it is necessary to not only meet the experience of user needs, but also meet the requirements of the market environment and the trend of the times. Only by continuously researching and developing innovative products can we be invincible in the fierce market competition and win more shipment opportunities.