How to Identify LED Display Lamp Chips

%name How to Identify LED Display Lamp Chips

How to identify the good and bad of LED chips

1. Look at the solder joints. Regular LED light strips are manufactured through the SMT paste process, using solder paste and reflow soldering process.
2. Check the quality of the FPC. FPCs are divided into two types – deposited copper and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper plated plate is protruding and can be easily observed through a closer inspection of the solder pad and FPC connection.
3. Check the LED light strip’s surface cleanliness. LED light strips produced through the SMT process have a very good surface cleanliness, with no impurities or stains visible.
4. The chips and production processes used in LED light production cannot be distinguished visually. It is essential to use aging and testing equipment. It is suggested to age several manufacturers’ LEDs on an aging tester with high current for 24 hours or more, then measure the brightness to determine which one has the smallest attenuation of luminous intensity. The manufacturer with the least attenuation of luminous intensity denotes the best quality.

%name How to Identify LED Display Lamp Chips