How to choose an LED displays


      At present, there are many LED display manufacturers. Including well – known brand LED Screen suppliers, in the case of fiercer competition in the industry. How to choose LED display products with better cost performance ?  The quality of raw materials is different and the price is different. How to choose a high – quality LED display Screen ?

       This also affects the quality and service life of the product. So, how to choose an LED Screen ? Let me help you choose a cost – effective high quality LED Screen solutions.

  Led screens is divided into indoor high resolution led video wall and high brightness outdoor LED Screens. The requirements for indoor display screens are high refresh rate and high grayscale. The harsh environment for outdoor advertising screens will require more requirements, including factors such as waterproofing, high and low temperature control, and wind typhoons.     

%name How to choose an LED display
%name How to choose an LED display

 ReissDisplay LED Screen manufacturers simply classify the structure of the LED Video display for you as follows:

  LED module: mainly composed of lamp beads, circuit board, and shell.

       Quality of the lamp beads will affect the life and failure rate of the LED Screen. The problem of lamp bead attenuation has a great influence in the long – term process of use. For example, use Nationstar lamp beads. The quality control is better.

      Design of the circuit board directly affects the display effect of the LED Wall Screen , including the brightness and the reasonable design of the product to better control the heating problem, thereby improving the efficiency.

      Main problem of the shell is to choose a material with a higher fire rating, which is resistant to high temperatures and avoids fire.

      Power supply and wire: The power supply needs to pass the loading function of the entire LED wall panel, and the appropriate power must be greater than 20% of the actual power. It can avoid the problem of insufficient load in the environment with higher temperature.

 causing failure. Try to use pure copper coins when selecting wires. Avoid increasing current, causing short circuit and fire.

There are more details on the LED display production process. If you are a leader in this industry ,  you can contact us to learn more about the LED display Panels customization and production process.