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Série TR

Reissdisplay offers indoor and outdoor transparent LED displays with a transparency level of 70% to 85%. These displays can be placed on glass windows, without being affected by natural light, giving customers a three-dimensional advertisement experience and a better visual experience. Reissdisplay’s transparent LED displays are suitable for retail, hotel, shopping malls, and commercial applications. In addition to this, 


Reissdisplay’s TR series offers customized transparent LED video walls and portable transparent LED poster screens. High-brightness transparent LED video walls are also available to provide display solutions for your installation needs.

These transparent LED video panels provide indoor and outdoor solutions for flat, curved, or cylindrical transparent video walls. Our system supports integrated and cost-effective transparent video displays that provide powerful information to your customers. As a transparent LED panel manufacturer, we assure you of our quality and reliability.

%name Transparent LED displays

Transparent glass LED screens, both indoor and outdoor, with a customized cabinet design. Case:

Ultra-thin Aluminum Transparent LED Wall Cabinet is designed for fixed indoor installations. It has a lightweight and simple design, along with an easy installation plan.

Die-cast Aluminum Transparent Rental LED Wall Cabinet, on the other hand, is used for commercial activities and installation of commercial places. This cabinet is designed for quick installation and dismantling, making it suitable for frequent mobile installations.

Curved Design and Irregular LED Display Cabinet provides a more three-dimensional and better visual experience with its curved cabinet design. The special cabinet design can be customized according to specific requirements. It is widely used in design schemes such as squares, hexagons, spheres, and others to meet the requirements of various different places.

TR391-781 Series
P3.91-7.81 Painel de LED transparente para showroom 500 × 1000mm
TR781 Series
P7.81-7.81 Painel de LED transparente para vitrine 500 × 1000mm
TF1042 Series
1000 × 1000mm P10.42-10.42 Painel de parede de vídeo LED transparente para janela de vidro do edifício
TF156 Series
Painel de leds transparente com grade de 15,6mm com design simples e fashion com inovação

Our standout items

Reiss Display offers Transparent LED panels with 80% transparency, making it convenient for people both inside and outside to easily look through them. The integrated LED lamps are small and almost invisible from the outside of the building, which does not affect the appearance of the building. Click on this link, to learn more about this transparent technology.

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