Verhuur LED-displays


Rental LED Screen Wall for large events. Stages LED Screen for indoor or outdoor use. It ranges from a few square meters to several thousand square meters. High-resolution background LED screen wall with excellent image performance will bring an amazing experience for the viewer. Stage LED Video Wall uses high-quality production technology and has a simple splicing design. It has become the most popular stage background product for large-scale events such as weddings, trade shows, hotel training, etc.


Rent top-quality LED screens, video walls, and backdrop screens for stunning displays at corporate events, concerts, and more. Our factory-direct rentals come with exceptional customer service, reliable delivery, installation, and technical support. Contact us today for an unforgettable visual experience.

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Stage rental LED screens are different in various places, and the selected model for the background LED video wall will vary.


Professional LED displays for stages can be spliced into design solutions of different shapes.


The cabinets can be spliced freely into curved rental LED screen panels, 90-degree, and square-shaped LED displays.

LED display features for stages.

For example, in a large-scale stage with strong lighting, you need to choose a higher-brightness solution. According to the viewing distance of the large stage background LED display screen, choose a suitable model. The medium pitch model has been upgraded to HD. If it is a small and medium-pitch solution, you need to choose a model with high-pixel density.


P2.604, P2.976, P3.91 ,P4.81,P5.95 500x500mm (1:1)


P2.604, P2.976, P3.91 ,P4.81,P5.95 500x1000mm (1:2)


Gegoten aluminium led-displays voor binnen en buiten verhuur


Professionele verhuur LED-display 500x500mm


Gebogen Achtergrond LED Stage LED Scherm 1000x500mm


Frontservicemagneet LED-display voor verhuur P2/P2.5/P3.91/P4.81/P5.95

500PRO+ serie

500x500mm Leeg kastpaneel 250x250 Modules 1.953 2.5 2.6 2.9 3.91 4.81mm

1000PRO+ serie

Indoor Outdoor LED-scherm 1000x500 P2/P2.5/P3.91/P4.81/P5.95/P6/25


640x640mm LED-scherm voor binnen en buiten P2.5 P4 P5 P8 P10


Nieuw ontwerp 500 * 500 verhuur Led-display Goede prijs


Hot P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 Verhuur LED-scherm Pantalla

500 45 graden hoek

500 * 500 mm 45 graden hoek LED-display voor binnenverhuur


500x500mm verhuur podium LED-display P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81


P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 Podium LED-displays 500x1000mm


P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Binnen Buiten SMD LED-display

Rent a curved LED screen for indoor events.

Curved indoor rental LED video walls can be used for large stage background concert occasions, with various designs that enhance the overall experience and create better visual effects. The rental LED die-casting display cabinets can support inner and outer arc corners, and they also adopt an easy design and installation method, providing more professional services for the quick installation of your large stage background indoor LED display. For more information, visit

“Outdoor LED displays are designed with high brightness and high refresh rate features. The die-cast aluminum cabinet is lightweight and has a good waterproof effect. The cabinet can also be easily spliced into different shapes. Outdoor stage LED panels require better lamp beads, considering the daytime sunlight in the environment.”

Pick top-tier LED screens for stages.

Outdoor LED Screen Rental adopts a high brightness and high refresh rate design. The die-cast aluminum cabinet is light in weight and has a good waterproof effect. The cabinet can also be spliced into different shapes freely. For outdoor stage LED panels, we choose more stable LED chips to ensure product quality.

Gebogen LED-displays voor verhuur buiten

Curved outdoor rental LED video walls can be used for large outdoor commercial stages, creating a more 3D visual experience for the entire stage. These outdoor LED screens can support both inner and outer arc corners, as well as square and other shapes. For more information, visit

REISSDISPLAY has a leading LED display R&D team, providing high-end solutions for brand suppliers for a long time. They lead circuit design efforts to solve the requirements of TV stations for background, shooting, and vivid image quality. The large-scale concert LED display screen project provides high-brightness, low-temperature circuit boards, and low-power design solutions, ensuring that the product has a more stable quality.

We create personalized solutions for renting LED screens.

REISSDISPLAY offers industry-leading design for stage LED video walls. We provide high-end rental LED wall cabinet designs with various LED module and circuit board solutions to meet different requirements.

We can also offer logo commission services. If you want a more professional stage, we can provide a truss design that meets your needs. Our team at REISSDISPLAY has the necessary professional experience and LED display R&D to provide better technical support and services for your entire project.