Rental LED Display

500D Series

    REISSDISPLAY Bevel Edge LED Display 90° Right Angle Rental LED screen is a standard size with 500×500mm cabinet, which is suitable for 250×250mm LED display modules. so this type rental LED display can be designed with P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm. also can used for indoor and outdoor . It has many features as following:

500×500 Rental Right Angle LED Display
LEDs: SMD1515 / SMD2121 / SMD1820 / SMD2525 / SMD1921
Module Resolution: 96X96dots (P2.604), 84X84dots(P2.976), 64X64dots (P3.91), 52X52dots (P4.81)
Module Size: 250X250mm
Cabinet Size: 500X500mm
Cabinet Material: Die-cast Aluminum
Cabinet Resolution: 192X192dots (P2.604), 168X168dots (P2.976), 128X128dots (P3.91), 104X104dots (P4.81)
Cabinet Density: 36864dots/cabinet (P2.604), 28224dots/cabinet (P2.976), 16384dots/cabinet (P3.91), 10816dots/cabinet (P4.81)
Cabinet Weight: 7-7.5kg
Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz
Gray Grade: 14 bits

Pixel Pitch:

RS260, RS297, RS391, RS481

500D Series - Rental Stage led Panels

RS Stage background LED Wall Panels that is designed for the high demands of the touring production world.

Each tile is modular in design with unique rigging & curving capabilities. Each tile is front serviceable for easy on – site maintenance. Its integrated climbing ladder allows technicians quick access to displays flown overhead.

IR is the premier rental staging product on the market.

Great gray scale, high refresh rate and excellent white balance

Indoor and Outdoor LED displays used high quality material, the gray scale is up to 14-16bits, refresh rate  > 3840Hz and excellent white balance.

Angle adjustable

Large viewing angle covers the majority of audience and cameras: Getting noticed, endless commercial value.

Test aging

All raw materials pass strict high and low temperature.

Easy Istallation

Equip with auxiliary installation structure, fast connect, single-person installation

Convenient Maintenance

Available to operate the module and power box separately

Low gray

%name 500D

RS Series LED Dipalys                    Ordinary LED displays

High refresh

%name 500D

RS Series LED Dipalys                    Ordinary LED displays

High contrast

%name 500D

RS Series LED Dipalys                    Ordinary LED displays

%name 500D

500D Series Better Vision Effect

Bevel Edge LED Display 90° Right Angle Rental LED screen is High refresh rate, high contrast ratio, no ghosting. High surface flatness, excellent visual quality and zero-gap alignment to ensure the LED display offer surper better color uniformity, clean and no ghosting image, video and advertising content with many types.

Quick Install

500D series LED screen Two Fast Locks on Left and Right Side,Ensure faster assembly and better screen flatness.

Lightweight and Thin

500D series LED display cabinet weighs 7.5KG/pc, easy to operate: one person to install, disassemble and maintain.

Splicing Cube LED Display

Used for LED displays that require a right angle of 90 degrees, such as cube screens.

90 Degree Corner Splicing Installation

  The two cabinets are directly assembled at a 90-degree angle, which is easy to achieve seamless splicing and high flatness.

Four panl structures
For more right-angle splicing projects

500x500mm Right angle Rental LED Display 500D Series

The 500D series 90 Degree Right Angle LED Display is a 45-degree oblique edge LED screen, which can make a 90-degree angle screen. lt has two quick locking devices on the left and right sides, which can guarantee faster assembly speed and better screen flatness.

IP65 Dustproof And Waterproof

The 500D series outdoor LED display supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof,
it can resists severe weather conditions during outdoor activities. And die-cast aluminum is corrosion resistant.

High Precision Curve Lock

High Precision Curve Lock design is adopted to solve the problem that the old curved lock is difficult to use before.
Rotational control, more accurate, easy to use and quickly adjust curve degree.

90 Degree LED Display Iron Cabinet

Column Installation

Fixed and rental led display
For more column design in stage, shopping mall, enterprise, etc.

Rental Screen Installation Method

Hanging and Stacking Avaiable : can meet the different demands of movable occasions with hanging bar or back brackets

%name 500D

LED displays input media function

1. DVI interface

LED Processor DVI interface and digital video interface.

2. VGA interface

VGA interface is a dedicated interface for computer output data using VGA standard.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is interface standard.its full name is HD Multimedia Interface. 

4. SDI interface

Adopt coaxial cable, with BNC interface as the cable standard.

5. USB interface

Universal Serial Bus.

6. WIFI function and cloud

WIFI function and cloud to remotely replace the video and picture content of the LED display through the compute

Multiple Application

Bevel Edge LED Display 90° Right Angle Rental LED screen is committed to creative LED display field, it is wildy used for Stage LED display, bar LED display, store LED display, theme park LED display, T-show LED display, subway LED display, airport LED display, advertising LED display, fashion show, shopping center, govement, wedding, Festival event and more.

Product Parameter Description
Product Name500PRO Outdoor / INDOOR Rental LED Screen
Product No.P2.604P2.976P3.91P4.81
LED LampSMD1515SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Chip ColorRGB (Full Color)RGB (Full Color)RGB (Full Color)RGB (Full Color)
Pixel Density147456 Pixels/m²112896 Pixels/m²65536 Pixels/m²43264 Pixels/m²
Module Resolution96*96 Pixel84*84 Pixel64*64 Pixel52*52 Pixel
Module Size250*250mm250*250mm250*250mm250*250mm
Module Weight0.35Kg0.35Kg0.35Kg0.35Kg
Cabinet Size500*500mm
Cabinet Resolution192*192 Pixel168*168 Pixel128*128 Pixel104*104 Pixel
Refresh Rate1920Hz / 3840Hz1920Hz / 3840Hz1920Hz / 3840Hz1920Hz / 3840Hz
Cabinet Weight7.5Kg
Maintenance ModeFront / Back service
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting aluminum
Power InputAC110-240V, 50-60Hz
Cabinet InstallationGirder Hoisting / Ground stacking installation
Brightness800-5500 nits
Cabinet Handle ColorBlack, Green, Red Handle
Optimum Viewing Distance2.6m3m4m5m

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